lørdag den 27. november 2010

it´s an illusion.

fredag den 26. november 2010


torsdag den 25. november 2010

onsdag den 24. november 2010

Going into a state of mind

counting on one

I feel blue

tirsdag den 23. november 2010

need to focus.

More tree climbing. Please.

Free Willy.

serious wood-lover.

i´m ready

mandag den 22. november 2010

søndag den 21. november 2010

lørdag den 20. november 2010

My Backyard

picture time

loser baby

Green tears means happy

fredag den 19. november 2010

I am not a cat person

although the coolest cat in the world Pharao is pretty cool

Playing around with light and color today, and need to write on my bachelor.

and Im already thinking about spring

I can´t Believe it!!

No way!

torsdag den 18. november 2010

They were a part of my orginal plan

Franz Ferdinand

Double fun

best friends.

serious collector of.......stuff