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torsdag den 6. oktober 2011

Okay Work

its pretty often I write about work on this wonderufl blog. You might wonder why and yes I will tell you the answer to that interesting question. Because I often have alot of time at work to do things like this. tadahh. I really am thinking about the whole idea with work. I only work like two and a half day a week ( you might call me sloppy but know, its called planning!) and for me this is helping me not to feel completly sold to my workplace, ( and by workplace I mean a really nice place but, don't really know if printing is the thing I wanna dedicate my life to). Because of this I am not swiming in a pool of money but I make what I need). I admire people who can work alot!. but seriously. We start going to school when we are 6 and then school ( talking math and the stupid teachers), high school ( gymnasium in Denmark) and then university. After that we are surpose to find the dream job and be happy. I have alot of wonderful friends that have these so called dream jobs (and in someway I am a bit jealous, cause that is what we are all in a way looking for, right?) but they still have the same problems we had in school. The strange workmates and terrible bosses or boring work assignments but on the other hand you get money, maybe not the first 10 years cause there you have to work basically free...If work is what people need to give their life meaning then I guess all this work of getting there is worth it. Ireally feel I have, at least for now, found some thing that gives me that feeling and that is awesome. Im not gonna tell you what cause you have to go out finding your own "meaningful" way to spend your life. I guess its ture what the clever people say. What will make sense when you look back 50 years from now?

Well... Im off work now so all my work thoughts will be left here till, tuesday.
see you

mandag den 3. oktober 2011


In danish autum is called Efterår. Directly translated is after year. Does that mean that the people who invented the smart dansih work thinks that the real, like Real year only is summer? because spring is Forår= meaning before year.. I see a pattern here.. So if summer is the real year that we have alot of days before that happends. kinda depressing. So glad i have other alternatives. But then again... english, autum yes thats good but then in the US ( wonderful country) they say fall ( YIKES, ALARM). it so happens I am in my nerd mind right now so I talked with my good friend Wikipedia and it says fall cones from german and can be understood as.. get ready...fall of a year!. now that´s not good at all. maybe fall is suppose to de depressing. We only have a real life and a real year in summer... not good...

Lets Object, shall we?

and learn some other more positive languages...

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Relaxi-taxi sunday!

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Good old times, coming back


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Beyonce VMA 2011, Love on top... AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Mama B rules the world

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