mandag den 3. oktober 2011


In danish autum is called Efterår. Directly translated is after year. Does that mean that the people who invented the smart dansih work thinks that the real, like Real year only is summer? because spring is Forår= meaning before year.. I see a pattern here.. So if summer is the real year that we have alot of days before that happends. kinda depressing. So glad i have other alternatives. But then again... english, autum yes thats good but then in the US ( wonderful country) they say fall ( YIKES, ALARM). it so happens I am in my nerd mind right now so I talked with my good friend Wikipedia and it says fall cones from german and can be understood as.. get ready...fall of a year!. now that´s not good at all. maybe fall is suppose to de depressing. We only have a real life and a real year in summer... not good...

Lets Object, shall we?

and learn some other more positive languages...

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