tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

Hey ya´all

I am at work. Can't seem to find any pictures I like these days. suddenly I have hit a pictures dry spell,, don't tell me you have not noticed!
I am working on it. Sitting, trying to like tell myself " Now that is ´nice" or ahhhh nice" but really,, I don't wanna blog them. They are not good enough.
One day,,, I am tellling you. One suddenly Im gonna find a goldmine of good pictures for you. I am looking... Rome wasn't... you know.
So insted of me looking at the blog and giving up putting anything on because the net is bad.. well, I am giving you the first,, written post.
I am not gonna make it a habit but i feel like giving you some signs of life without having to blog some pictures I dont really feel. and I am tirred of you telling me I dont blog enough so..

Lets me take the chance of thanking all... really. Its a ride having this blog( when there is not a dryspell in the pictures) and all of you are the reason!!. Thank you for all The comments ( WE LOOOOOVE COMMÈNTS!!, really lOVE THEM!!) and well,,, for following.. one year soon... we need to have a blogsparty!!

YOu comming?

And ahhhh... Cederkof... You are great!. Best blooger partner ever!


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